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There’s more strength in the #unity of our similarities than the division of our differences.

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

group of diverse people
All That We Share

So, here we are – 7 months into a global pandemic, millions of people out of work, and a presidential election looming, but I think the most critical crisis in America today is divisiveness. It’s not surprising really, considering the current state of affairs. But, here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be so. We can celebrate our differences and also be unified by our similarities.

America certainly has a lot to reconcile, and there is a plethora of valid reasons why some people would feel disconnected and uninterested in the plight of someone who doesn’t mingle in their circles, speak the same, look the same, or live in their communities. We have seen the result of division perpetuated by superficial, stereotypical preconceptions – it’s never good.

Let’s try something different. Let’s try communication. Let’s try sitting down and having the difficult conversations (albeit via Zoom). We will never be able to put aside petty prejudices, stereotypes, and biases until we are willing to listen to someone we don’t understand. If you listen with an open mind – you just might learn something, not only about the person to whom you are listening, but also, about yourself.

TV 2 Denmark has created a poignant marketing campaign that illustrates the power of empathy and the desire to belong. It highlights our commonalities. Even though we may not see it through outward appearances, the similarities are always right there – just beneath the surface. It portrays a diverse sample of people: the rich, the poor, those that shower before work, and those that shower after, those that people strive to be around, and those that are avoided. These people don’t think they have anything in common; nothing about which to have a conversation - nothing to share. But when the moderator asks basic human questions, the crowd discovers that there are indeed things they have in common, things to talk about and things they share: the school class clowns, the step-parents, the ones who love to dance, the lonely.

The All That We Share campaign is relevant because it is a continual reminder to us all that we possess the tools to bridge our divides, and if we are willing to a reach a little further, we might just find a new companion in the most unlikely of places.

Check out TV 2 Denmark’s full video ad.

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